El Puerquito was a project for SDSU Graphic Design IV. This project revolved around contacting a real business and reinventing their existing brand. This included updating the existing logo, creating a set of icons, creating branding elements like patterns, and a basic stationery system. 

The “El Puerquito” logo is used with the wordmark and logomark closely together. The separate elements can also be used individually depending on the medium. Spacing is determined by one logomark, on each side, for legnth. The wordmark determines the height.

The logomark is solid black with white in the negative space,  and is intendid to be used on white backgrounds. Alone it can be used as a secondary element for promotional material in posters, advertisement, etc.

The wordmark is also all black and the negative space is white. Alone the wordmark can be used as a title or main element for promotional material or signage.

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